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What Car Insurance Does Ohio Require?

In order to drive any vehicle legally in Ohio, that vehicle must have automobile insurance coverage or the driver must have proof of financial responsibility. If a person chooses to go with the FR requirement, that person is required to have a certificate of proof of financial responsibility on a specific form that is prescribed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Ohio.

Most people choose, instead, to purchase insurance for their automobiles in order to fulfill the requirement. When insurance is purchased from a company licensed to provide coverage in Ohio, the insurer issues an insurance card. That card should be kept in the specific vehicle for which the card was issued.

There are minimum coverage amounts required for Bodily Injury Liability and for Property Damage Liability insurance.

Minimum Coverage Amounts

When a person chooses to buy automobile insurance in order to fulfill the Financial Responsibility requirement, minimum amounts must be purchased.

The minimum amount of Bodily Injury Liability Coverage required is $12,500 per person who is injured in one accident, and also $25,000 as a total for all of the persons who are injured in one accident.

Minimum limits required for Property Damage Liability Coverage is $7,500 for property damage to another person's property in an accident.

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Is State Minimum Insurance Coverage Enough?

If you are involved in an automobile accident that is deemed to be your fault, you are legally responsible to pay for the damages that occur. That can be damage to a person's property (such as their car or fencing) or damage to their body (which results in medical bills and rehabilitation costs, etc.)

The purpose of having insurance coverage is to provide the financial benefit of paying those resulting costs for you.

However, if you do not have sufficient insurance coverage amounts to pay the total of those damage costs, a court could order your assets be taken in order to pay the balance due. That means that your home, vehicle, or other property could be seized.

Therefore, it is wise to evaluate whether you have enough assets to protect that it might be to your advantage to carry greater amounts of insurance on your vehicles than the minimum required by law.

Report Changes

It is extremely important that you report changes to your auto insurance company as quickly as possible. Many types of changes will affect the type and cost of your automobile coverage, so it is vitally important that you notify your agent and company of any changes.

Some of the changes that should be reported are:

* Change of address - The location where your vehicle is housed has a direct affect on your insurance.

* Addition of a driver - If your teen has reached driving age, you should not let them drive until they are added.

* Added a vehicle - Most companies have a set number of days for you to notify them if you get another vehicle.

* Child going to college - If the car is staying home, your premium might be reduced.

What Affects Your Insurance Rate?

(1) Type of Vehicle - A sports car has a higher premium than a family-type car.

(2) Your Driving Record - Traffic tickets, accidents, DWIs adversely affect cost.

(3) Geographic Area - Extreme weather raises claims, thereby premiums too.

(4) Safety Devices - Automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes, side air bags lower costs.

(5) Deductible - Higher deductibles reduce the insurance rate.

We trust that the information you have received will aid you in selecting coverages that are right for you. To get your quotes, don't forget to put your zip code in the box above. Thank you for visiting our site.
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