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Finding cheap Alabama auto insurance, that you need just got a lot easier. Now you can use the zip code form above and get cheap Alabama car insurance quotes instantly online and compare the rates from various companies. It's the ultimate source for convenience and ease in finding and purchasing the Alabama auto insurance you need at a price that you'll like.

Alabama car insurance has a legal minimum requirement referred to as 25/50/25. This translates to $25,000USD individual bodily injury liability coverage per accident, $50,000USD total bodily injury liability insurance coverage per accident. $25,000USD is the minimum required for property damage liability coverage. A note of caution; if an individual's medical costs exceed $25,000.00, then, with the minimum coverage shown here, you will be personally responsible for all medical costs over the $25K limit. It may be to your advantage to carry 40/60/30 coverage for example, in order to better protect yourself in the event of an "at fault" accident.

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Whether you choose minimum liability auto insurance or opt for cheap full coverage car insurance, you are assured of quick personalized quotes and can purchase your chosen coverage immediately online. Get fast easy quotes for cheap auto insurance in Alabama from Montgomery to Mobile, rates for the cheapest AL car insurance Augusta to Tuscaloosa to Decatur. Auto insurance quotes for where you live in Alabama.

Industry experts are predicting rising auto insurance rates in 2011. See for yourself in a matter of minutes just how much you can save now on your auto insurance in Alabama. All providers offer same day auto insurance coverage in Alabama.

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