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Saving money with cheap auto insurance in Amarillo is now more important than ever. Get and compare instant quotes now to save against probable rate increases in the very near future.

Texas Requirements

Please be advised that the Texas state auto insurance requirements changed as of January 1, 2011. New limits are increase to 30/60/25. If you are a driver in Amarillo TX, this should be noted.

Texas state law requires that each person must first establish financial responsibility for an automobile before they can legally drive that motor vehicle on the roads and highways in Texas.

Purchasing auto liability insurance will fulfill that requirement. This is the method that most people use to comply with the law.

Texas state law requires that drivers maintain minimum liability coverage of $30,000 (per injured person in any one accident), $60,000 (total for all persons injured in any one accident), and $25,000 (for property damage.)

Often times you will see those figures written as: 30,000/60,000/25,000  or as  30/60/25.

Factors That Determine Rates

(1) Use of Vehicle -
If you use your vehicle extensively, you will pay a higher premium. More mileage, higher premium. If you rarely use your car, you will find yourself paying less premium.

(2) Vehicle Type -
Your type of vehicle, and the likelihood of it being stolen, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing it will all be factors that will affect your premium. A family sedan will have a lower premium than a 2-door sports car.

(3) Driving Record -
Of all the factors, this one usually affects your premium rates most. If you have had any "at-fault" wrecks or moving-violation convictions within the last 3 years before your application or renewal, that will severely affect your cost.

(4) Location -
Total accidents in the area of your residence, plus the number of claims there affect your rates. Road conditions and the population are also factors that an insurance company considers in determining your total premium rates.

(5) Your Credit Rating -
Many insurance companies factor in a person's credit rating when determining auto insurance rates, since a person's history of paying debts does tend to reflect their insurance risk.

Tips To Save
On Your Insurance

(1) Remove risky drivers

(2) Pay annually or semi-annually

(3) Increase deductibles

(4) Eliminate unnecessary coverages

(5) Get quotes from various companies

(6) Reduce annual mileage

TexasSure Program

There is a program in effect now in Texas that permits law enforcement officers and certain designated state users to INSTANTLY verify if an automobile/vehicle is actually insured at that moment. This eliminates the ability to drop insurance coverage immediately after receiving a valid insurance card. Additionally, the days of giving false proof of automobile insurance to an officer are virtually over.

No longer can someone purchase auto insurance with a small down payment, just in order to get a valid insurance verification card, and then let the policy lapse the next month. Officers can immediately verify any insurance coverage when stopping a vehicle.

The program called "TexasSure" is helping to seriously reduce the estimated 20% of vehicles that are uninsured in Texas, which makes for a safer driving environment for everyone.

Safety Sense:

Tips to Stay Safe

(a) Park in well lit areas.

(b)Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you at stop lights. You can pull away swiftly.

(c) Never walk to your car alone in a dimly lit parking lot at night. Ask for security to accompany you.

(d) Never lower your car window if a stranger approaches.

(e) Never leave valuable or packages visible. Hide them in the trunk/our of sight.

(a) Lock your car doors immediately when you get into your car.

Our goal is to help you save money on your auto insurance and to become an informed consumer.

Use the resource we provided above, by entering your zip code in the box to get the quotes you will need. Look them over, then purchase the policy
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