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For cheap auto insurance in Birmingham, you can use the zip code form above to get instant quotes and compare rates from several insurance companies for the cheapest car insurance in Birmingham. We understand it can be frustrating just trying to save money by finding cheap car insurance in Birmingham, AL. That's why we offer only the best resources for the cheapest auto insurance in Birmingham and not just a bunch of randomly gathered insurance providers.

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According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau there were approximately 3,777 auto thefts reported in the city of Birmingham in 2010. You can reduce your premiums and save more money on your coverage if you're aware of how certain factors affect your rates. Factors like where you park at night, what kind of car you drive and if you have anti-theft devices in your car can make a big difference in whether or not your car becomes a theft statistic and a factor in higher rates.

With so many resources available, it is quite an undertaking to even begin searching for the lowest rates where you live in Alabama. We also understand that you might prefer to get quotes for auto insurance in Birmingham from a local agent, so we provide the local listings below for your benefit. You can contact these local agents or drop by and check their rates for cheap Birmingham auto insurance.

Guide Insurance Agency
201 Vulcan Rd
Birmingham, AL 35209
Office: (205) 942-3931

PAC Insurance Agency Inc
3408 Lorna Ln
Birmingham, AL 35216
Office: (205) 823-2037

Ron Walters Insurance Agency
1477 Center Point Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35215
Office: (205) 854-9651

J. H. Berry Insurance Agency
720 32nd St S
Birmingham, AL 35233
Office: (205) 252-0100

Insurall Insurance Agency
10 Phillips Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35228
Office: (205) 929-4100

Blake Stephens
265 Riverchase Pkwy E
Birmingham, AL 35244
Office: (205) 987-2324

Mike Kennedy
4513 Valleydale Rd
Birmingham, AL 35242
Office: (205) 991-5163

All American Insurance Agency
819 3rd Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203
Office: (205) 322-0311

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