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In Idaho the amount of state minimum auto insurance coverage every driver is required to have is 25/50/15. This means you need up to $50,000 in personal injury protection for an entire claim and a $25,000 limit per individual. The last number is the most commonly used in a claim and it is for $15,000 in property damage coverage. Just remember that while liability coverage is the lowest cost auto insurance in Idaho it is in place to protect other drivers against damages you are found at fault for. But it doesn't apply to any damages to your vehicle so you may want to include added protection such as collision coverage.

Shopping For Car Insurance

- Get quotes from several companies to compare rates and coverages.

- Do some research first to decide which coverages you want and need.

- Be sure to check for all available discounts.

- For each company, check reviews concerning claims and customer service issues.

- Shop around regularly to insure you take advantage of current low rates. You will have the unused balance of any policy refunded to you if you change insurers.

Auto Insurance Rate Factors

Insurance companies are allowed to use various factors in determining what rate each consumer will pay for his or her auto insurance coverage.
Here is a partial list of those factors:

Age - Persons under a certain age, usually 25, and persons over a certain age, somewhere around 70, pose a greater risk for accidents. Therefore, certain age groups are charged higher premiums.

Credit Record - A person's past record of paying bills is an indication of how they may pay future bills, as well. In most states, an insurance company is allowed to consider that record in determining rates.

Type of Car - Sporty cars are more costly to replace than a family-type car, so the style of vehicle you choose can elevate your insurance premium.

Residence Address - Where a vehicle is regularly parked/housed can affect premiums, especially if in an area of high theft.

Driving Record - Any "at-fault" accidents or traffic violations within the last 3 years will most likely make rates higher.

When Applying for Coverage

Be sure to answer each question honestly when applying for automobile insurance. It is illegal to supply fraudulent information on an auto insurance application.

If there are any traffic tickets or accidents during the time frame mentioned, be sure to divulge that on the application.

Check Insurance Company Reviews

When considering a company for your auto insurance needs, it is a good idea to find out if other consumers are satisfied with the claims process and the customer service of that company.

With the internet readily available, it is very easy to see how other people rate the company with regards to paying claims on a timely basis, as well as the ease and availability of dealing with any customer service issues.

If You Are In An Accident ... :

Remain calm and call the police. Do not try to discuss the causes with the other driver.

Get the names and contact information of any witnesses. This can prove invaluable if there is any dispute in the future.

Take photos of the positions of the vehicles and any damage on any of the vehicles. Cell phones make this easily possible.

Get the other driver(s)' info, such as name, address, drivers license number, insurance company & policy number, tag number, etc.

Contact your insurance company right away to report the accident.

It is our hope that this information will help you with your auto insurance purchase.

Every policyholder should periodically get quotes from other companies to determine if another company would be a better choice.

Use the box provided above to input your zip code, and we will help you make that determination.

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