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Saving money with cheap Alabama auto insurance doesn't have to be difficult. Just put in your zip code and get started getting/comparing instant quotes to find the lowest auto insurance in Alabama.

Like most of the state's neighbors, Alabama is a tort system state, which means if you are cited at fault in a traffic accident, and your insurance is not great enough to cover the property damages and medical expenses, if any, you can be sued by the injured party or parties. Alabama auto insurance minimum liability coverage is 20/40/10. Whether this is a comfortable figure for the insured to live with will depend on each individual and their circumstances.

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There are other ways to insure yourself besides purchasing auto insurance, but buying cheap Alabama auto insurance is by far the least expensive way to go, if you are looking to save money on your insurance costs. The other ways to comply with Alabama auto insurance laws is to purchase a motor vehicle liability bond or to utilize a deposit of cash. The amounts for both the motor vehicle liability bond and the deposit of cash is $50,000. The cash deposit is to be deposited with the State Treasurer.

In order to insure licensed drivers, in the state of Alabama, are in compliance with the minimal insurance laws, the Department of Revenue will randomly mail out questionnaires to licensed drivers. This process is done each week. The recipient has 30 days to return the information asked for in the questionnaire. There are three ways in which the recipient has to respond, one is through the self-addressed stamped envelop provided by the Department of Revenue. The other is to fax the questionnaire to the number supplied on it; and the third way is by going online and filling out the online questionnaire. If the recipient has traded in the vehicle listed on the questionnaire and is driving a different car, the Department of Revenue return the recipient's name to the pool to be eligible for another randomly selected insurance compliance letter.

If the recipient fails to respond to the questionnaire within the 30 day period or if the vehicle designated on the questionnaire is not insured, then the recipient's registration for that vehicle will be suspended within 45 days after the 30 day deadline has passed. The Department will send a letter of suspension to the recipient informing them of the action being taken due to their non-compliance.

The recipient driver may stop the suspension process by showing proof of insurance, by mailing that information to the Department of Revenue. Depending upon the circumstances there may be a fine associated with the suspension process.

Therefore, it is especially important for the driving public to be aware of the state's practice of surveying registered drivers for their Alabama auto insurance compliance, and to respond in a timely manner to avoid any disruptions in their ability to legally drive on the streets and highways of Alabama. And to avoid any associated fines as a result of either non-compliance or lapsed insurance.

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