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Arizona Department of Public Safety and Arizona auto insurance companies are committed to reducing traffic accidents as a result of drivers driving while they are tired. Accidents caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wheel is a common occurrence which can be prevented, if drivers will take precautions, when they begin to experience some of the following signs and symptoms of fatigue.

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Fatigue is defined as weariness from labor or exertion. Driving can cause fatigue which will result is drowsiness, which may result the the driver attempting to fight off sleep, and thus exhibiting some, if not all of the the following conditions. Lack of alertness, slow reaction time and nodding off are sure signs the driver is experiencing fatigue, and should pull off the road to take a nap. When you are with a driver who may also exhibit forgetfulness, poor communication, impaired decision making skills, or be quick to anger, you are witnessing some additional symptoms of driving fatigue.

Some of the factors which may contribute to driver fatigue is the loss of sleep or disturbed sleep, disrupted biological clock, that is, the driver is driving at a time when he or she would normally be asleep. Excessive physical or mental activity can contribute to driver fatigue, as well monotony of the road, or familiarity with the roadway. Certainly time of day and continuous hours of being awake is a significant contributor, nutrition, the physical fitness of the driver, their health and age. Drivers who are taking medications for illness should be aware of any warnings on the medication as to whether it will cause drowsiness and either not take that medication when they are driving, or have another person drive until they have become used to the effects of the medication before they take the wheel.

Arizona auto insurance companies want their drivers to be aware of the effects of driving when they have not had a full nights sleep, because sleep loss can build up to what is known as sleep debt. Which means if a person sleeps less than 5 hours a night for up to a week, they will require two full nights of sleep to overcome the deficit their body will experience from the lack of sleep. Therefore, they are more likely to be victims of sleep fatigue while driving, even if it is during the daytime.

Being cited as at fault for a traffic accident can result in higher Arizona auto insurance rates, and Arizona auto insurance companies do not want their insured to experience any higher rates than is necessary.

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Cheap AZ Auto Insurance
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