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Getting cheap Maryland auto insurance is now easier than ever. Using the handy zip code form above lets you get and compare rates online for the cheap Maryland car insurance needed. See just how easy it is to lower the cost your auto insurance coverage in Maryland.

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Maryland auto insurance minimum coverage is 20/40/15. The state of Maryland is looking for ways to help its citizens keep the cost of Maryland auto insurance down. One of the ways it has focused on is in the area of insurance fraud. Many people believe insurance fraud only impacts the insurance company's bottom line, but that is not the case. Insurance fraud is the second largest white collar crime in America and it adds approximately $300.00 a year to the insurance bill of American households.

Maryland has defined insurance fraud in two categories, hard fraud which is the deliberate falsification of an auto accident, injury, theft, arson or other loss in order to illegally collect money from an insurance company. Soft fraud is the telling of “white lies” to the insurance agent to reduce the cost of coverage. Such “white lies” include lying about how many miles the car is driven in a year, where you live, failure to report recent traffic violations, number of drivers in the household, in order to get a reduction in Maryland auto insurance premiums.

Maryland auto insurance companies and Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration have made suggestions on how the driving public in Maryland can fight to keep insurance fraud at a minimum. The State is working on more effective laws to help mitigate the problem, which is on the increase due to the tough economic times, and lack of legislation to blunt the problem. Report all auto accidents immediately and exchange information with the other driver, including name, address, phone number, tag numbers, description of the cars involved. It is a good idea to note what the other driver has said about how the accident occurred, along with your recollection. Making notes at the time of the accident, could help in stopping a fraud from occurring. You are advised to be aware of anyone one, especially a doctor or lawyer, who tells you they can help you make money off the accident which you were involved in. If you were injured, review the doctor and hospital bills, to make sure you have been billed for the treatment you received. And, finally, be suspicious of anyone who is anxious to leave the scene of the accident before the police arrive.

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