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The state of Mississippi is a tort state, which means you, as a driver and owner of a car, are not required to purchase uninsured/ under insured auto insurance. However, it is recommended that the driver does purchase more than the state minimum for liability insurance of 25/50/25. The reason for this is medical costs and repair of cars has increased greatly; and the minimums required may not cover the at fault driver, and therefore, expose him or her to a lawsuit to recover the difference between what is not covered by their Mississippi auto insurance.

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Mississippi is pretty strict when it comes to not insuring the car you are driving. Mississippi drivers are required to carry proof of insurance cards in their cars at all times. Law enforcement officers cannot just stop a car to check on proof of insurance cards presence in the car, but if the driver of a car involved in a traffic infraction cannot produce a proof of insurance card, the driver can face up to $1000.00 in fines and the suspension of his or her driving privileges for up to a year. If the driver is able to show proof of Mississippi auto insurance, but did not have insurance coverage at the time of the traffic infraction, his or her fine is $100.00. But, if the driver can show he had insurance, just did not have the card with him at the time of being stopped, there is no fine or loss of driving privileges.

Mississippi auto insurance companies are allowed by state laws to exclude certain members of a family from being insured to drive a car. Mississippians are encouraged to check the exclusion section of their policy to see if anyone has been excluded from coverage in their family, as well as to see what else has been excluded in the policy. It is the responsibility of the driver to know what is covered and what is not covered by their Mississippi auto insurance.

Mississippi auto insurance generally follows the car, rather than the driver. If you loan your car to another to drive and they are involved in a traffic accident, your insurance will cover the damages sustained, if your friend was cited as being at fault. If, however, your friend is intoxicated at the time of the traffic accident, your insurance may pay for the damages done, but they may also cancel your policy, or refuse to re-insure you, or charge you higher premiums to insure you.

Therefore it is important for drivers who have Mississippi auto insurance to know what their policies covers, to be aware of some of the risks involved when they loan their car to a friend. And, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you keep your proof of insurance card in your car.

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