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Finding cheap auto insurance in New Jersey has never been easier. Using the internet helps us to compare rates and get the cheap New Jersey car insurance that we need. For example your liability coverage could be too low. Utilize the zip code search form above to see just how easy it is to increase your coverage and still have cheap New Jersey auto insurance.

The New Jersey auto insurance industry is supporting the new legislation known as Kyleigh's Law, which is the nation's first effort designed to prevent “senseless teen driver deaths and injuries.” This law takes effect 5/1/2010. This law is named in memory of Kyleigh D. Alessio, a New Jersey teenager who was killed while a passenger in a car driven by a probationary driver. This legislation provides for vehicle decals to be displayed on a car's license tag when a teen driver is at the wheel. These are red, reflectorized decals which are affixed to both the front and rear tags. They are to be on the tag when a probationary driver is driving. A probationary driver is usually under the age of 21 years old.

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Pam Fischer, Director of the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, says, “By strengthening the Graduated Driver License law, we are making progress in improving teen driver safety, while we're seeing a drop in the total number of teen driver and their teen passengers killed in traffic crashes, that number is still too high. . . “ New Jersey auto insurance figures show teen drivers only comprise about 6% of New Jersey's licensed drivers, they represent the largest group involved in auto crashes in New Jersey. Nationally, 6,000 adolescents are killed and about 300,000 are injured in car accidents each year.

There are several changes to the GDL law in New Jersey, but some of the most notable changes are that both permit and probationary (also known as provisional) license holders may not drive their cars after 11:01pm and before 5:00am. The use of cell phones, or hands-free devices, any wireless communication device, including iPods are restricted while operating a motor vehicle. Learner's permit holders may only have a licensed driver other than their parent or guardian, who is 21 years old, with at least 3 years driving experience in the front seat of the car they are driving, and one additional passenger, unless their parent or guardian is in the car. Failure to display the GDL decal will result in a fine of $100.00.

Be certain to explore all the available resources for getting the cheapest auto insurance in New Jersey you need. From Trenton to Jersey City, from Newark to Paterson to Elizabeth, get the best coverage that you can for the least cost. This is especially true for getting cheap liability insurance in New Jersey. When you've found NJ cheap liability car insurance, you're saving money.

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