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In an effort to keep Oklahoma Public streets and highways safe from reckless drivers, and to keep Oklahoma auto insurance rates as low as possible, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) has instituted a policy of assessing points for driving violation convictions. When a driver accumulates from seven to nine points, DPS may send them a notice to appear for an interview. The interview may be addressing any one of three issues related to the high number of points the driver has accumulated. The driver may be asked to take a Driver Improvement / Defensive Driving course, or a review examination, or to submit medical reports related to their mental or physical ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle, as authorized by 47 O.S. 6-119.

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If an Oklahoma driver should accumulate 10 or more points, DPS may issue an order of suspension of driving privileges. The first suspension, under these conditions shall be for one month. The second suspension will result in a three month suspension. The third suspension will be for six months. There are no provisions for modifications on any of these suspension. If there is a fourth suspension, the length of time will be for one year.

An Oklahoma driver may earn credits toward reducing their accumulated driving violation points by taking a Defensive Driving Course once every 24 months. They may earn a two point credit, if they do not incur any driving violations for the next 12 months. When a person has had their driver's license reinstated after a suspension, they may experience a reduction of points to five or less, and if the driver goes without a pointable driving violation for 36 months, they may have their points reduced to zero. Oklahoma auto insurance companies will also honor the taking of such courses when considering a request for rate reduction.

Oklahoma auto insurance companies use a driver's point scores to assess the rates for auto insurance, therefore, it is important that a driver be as careful in following the rules of the road when operating their cars on Oklahoma public streets and highways. One area which Oklahoma drivers need to be aware is that any conviction for attempting to elude will result in an automatic suspension of driving privileges for three months for the first offense, regardless of number of points on their driving record.

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