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Getting cheap South Carolina auto insurance is now faster and easier than ever. Using the internet lets you get and compare rates online and get the cheap SC car insurance that we need. Use the zip code search form above to see just how easy it is to lower the cost of your coverage with cheap SC auto insurance.

South Carolina auto insurance companies want to make their customers aware that as drivers they share the road with more than other drivers of various vehicles. There are also people who walk or run for health purposes and recreation, who are also on the roadways. In South Carolina, pedestrians have the right of way when they encounter a car. The state promotes more traffic from the pedestrian mode of travel because they reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and improves health of the pedestrian.

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Bicycling is also promoted by the state for the same reasons as is walking, however, because bicycling as becomes more popular, there has been a increase in accidents involving the bicyclist and the car. In most instances, it will be the driver of the car who will be cited for the accident. Therefore, South Carolina auto insurance companies want their drivers to be aware that the number one excuse a driver gives for their accident with the bicyclist is that they did not see him.

Blindspot issues go beyond accidents with cars and bicyclists. One of the easiest ways to eliminate the blindspot in cars today, since most are equipped with exterior mirrors on both front doors, is to have a person stand in the blindspot of your car. Then adjust your mirror until you can see that person. Then your blindspot will be eliminated, and there will be a reduction of blindspot accidents, especially with bicyclists.

Another area where accidents involving the car is work zone accidents. South Carolina auto insurance companies want their customers to be aware when they see the orange and black warning signs and cones of upcoming work zones, to take the necessary precautions to reduce their chances of being involved in an accident. Two are the most popular infractions in work zones are speeding and tailgating. Both of which, if eliminated would significantly reduce further congestion resulting from a traffic accident in one of the reduced lanes for traffic to pass while the work is in progress.

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