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Getting the West Virginia auto insurance coverage you need and not overpaying is the goal. Getting and comparing instant cheap WV auto insurance quotes is the solution. Put in your zip code and get started now

West Virginia auto insurance is relatively complicated to figure, because it the state is surrounded by five states, two of which share its legal liability philosophy of being traditional tort states. The other three are no fault states. Other reasons for insurance being difficult to estimate is depending on the geographical area, weather conditions, such as flood planes, and highway conditions; plus the border state cities which surround West Virginia and affect the insurance rates of West Virginia drivers. All of these contribute to make West Virginia number 15 in ranking of highest insurance rates in the country. Thirty-five states have lower auto insurance rates.

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Minimum insurance requirements for West Virginia auto insurance is 20/40/10, which of its surrounding states, seems to be right in the middle of insurance minimums. The highest of the five states is Virginia with 25/50/20 and the lowest is Ohio with 12.5/25/7.5. These figures are relevant because so much of West Virginia's populated areas are on her borders, and the neighboring states insurance policies and practices influences West Virginia drivers and their auto insurance.

Because of the difficulties in making accurate quotes related to West Virginia auto insurance policies, it is the responsibility of the individual car owner to investigate any changes in his or her auto insurance if they are moving from one part of the state to another. When shopping insurance companies for quotes, the buyer must be aware the quote offered is not what may be the final premium cost based on many factors which may not have been considered during the shopping process. The quote is merely an offer to do business, not a final price.

Another factor when a West Virginian is considering purchasing auto insurance what state borders their side of the state. As mentioned above, Ohio is the only state whose legal system is compatible with West Virginia by having a traditional tort system for insurance liability claims. Of the no-fault states, Maryland and Virginia do not have a statutory ceiling for suits which may be brought against the other driver in an accident. Kentucky and Pennsylvania have established such ceilings for liability lawsuits.

As you can see, West Virginia auto insurance can be confusing when you may be either moving to the state or moving to another part of the state, due to the vast differences which face West Virginia drivers based on either geographical situations, weather conditions, or the legal system of the cities they may be driving in outside the state. So, drivers who purchase West Virginia auto insurance must be on their game when making that all important decision about who much coverage is enough coverage to adequately insure themselves, but not to make themselves insurance poor.

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