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To get cheap Delaware auto insurance quotes use the handy zip code form above. You can compare rates and even purchase cheap DE auto insurance if you like. Providing you with the resources you need to get the DE auto insurance that's right for you. Finding DE car insurance is now easier than ever. Whether you're searching for cheap Dover DE car insurance or cheap Georgetown DE auto insurance, or coverage anywhere in the state of Delaware, we can help. Below we have information from two government sites for drivers/residents.

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DE car insurance has minimum requirements for coverage per state law. These minimums are represented as 15/30/5. Translated, this means that you are required to carry at least $15,000USD coverage for bodily injury liability per person injured, $30,000USD coverage for bodily injury liability total per accident. You are also required to carry auto insurance in DE for property damage liability total per accident. With increasingly higher healthcare costs and rising costs of auto repair/values, we consider these minimums extremely low to protect you against personal financial loss. Therefore we advise that as you compare DE car insurance quotes, you get quotes for increased coverage. Several providers offer rates low enough to protect yourself against possible financial hardship.

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles
2230 Hessler Blvd.
New Castle, De 19720
Phone:(302) 434-3200

Interesting Facts: The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles website provides listings for all DMV locations, their office hours and contact info. A significant portion of the DMV site is devoted to informing residents of the services they offer and answering questions that many visitors to the site might pose. In addition to change of address info, various online driverís manuals are available for download including a drivers manual in both English and Spanish, commercial drivers' manuals and motorcycle rider manuals. They also include information on obtaining a drivers license and various driver training/improvement courses that are available.

Those wishing to get a 3 point credit on their driving record in Delaware can take the course online Here!

Delaware Insurance Department
841 Silver Lake Blvd
Dover, DE 19904
Phone:# (302)739-4251
TollFree (800)282-8611(In Delaware only)

Since the beginning of 2010 car insurance rates have lowered across the nation. Easily check online instant quotes and see if you're paying the lowest rates possible for auto insurance in Delaware. There is simply no alternative to assure getting the cheapest car insurance possible in DE.

Interesting Facts: The Delaware Insurance Department website provides information for both consumers and agents of auto insurance, home insurance or health insurance. Just recently updated, the website provides the latest relevant news that affects consumers. There is a large section devoted to consumer services such as insurance publications, answers to insurance questions, arbitration and complaints with an online form to issue a consumer complaint. Fraud investigation is detailed in addition to what fraudulent activities are, how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud and the difference between criminal and civil statuses of various fraudulent activity. Detailed information is provided for insurance agents which includes a handbook and discusses privacy issues and how to become an insurance agent. Several publications available are in the .pdf format and will require an Adobe reader which can be downloaded for free through this link.

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