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North Carolina Auto Insurance Requirements

The Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act of 1957 requires that all motor vehicles registered in North Carolina must be covered by an automobile liability insurance policy. It further requires that the insurance must remain in effect with continuous coverage until the registration is terminated.

This law was created to provide compensation to accident victims for property losses and personal injuries. It was also designed to protect you, as well.

The minimum limits of liability you may legally carry for private passenger vehicles are $30,000 for bodily injury for one person; $60,000 bodily injury for two or more people and $25,000 property damage. Those figures are often written as: 30/60/25.


Civil penalties are assessed for a lapse in liability insurance coverage. These penalties became effective July 1, 2008. The penalty is based on the number of prior lapses you have had on your vehicle within 3 years of the current lapse.

If this is your first lapse, the civil penalty will be $50. If this is the second lapse, your penalty will be $100. If you have more than two lapses, your penalty is $150.

No More Stickers

Windshield inspection stickers are no longer issued when you get your automobile inspected. That change was made on November 1, 2008. Rather than getting a sticker, automobiles will be given an electronic authorization which reports that the auto has been inspected and registered as required by North Carolina law.

Mechanics who do inspections will continue to issue a receipt showing the date, the station and the results of your inspection. A record of the inspection will be entered into the DMV’s vehicle registration database.

You are required to have your vehicle inspected before you can renew its registration. You can have your vehicle inspected up to 90 days before the time of "midnight" of the last day of the month that is shown on the vehicle registration sticker on your license plate.

* FYI *

There were 1,169 vehicle thefts in the Durham - Chapel Hill metropolitan area in 2010.

This figure is provided by the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau.)

Save Money on Auto Insurance:

* * Do not buy a car that thieves often steal.

* * Remove any risky drivers from your policy.

* * Increase your deductibles

* * Do not pay monthly. Pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

* * Buy a car with safety features, like an alarm system or steering wheel lock.

Insurance Classifications:

Insurance companies separate drivers into various classifications when determining rates for auto insurance policies.

Several factors are used to classify drivers. Some of those factors are:

(a) gender,
(b) age,
(c) driving record,
(d) marital status,
(e) former insurance record,
(f) where your vehicle is housed, and
(g) number of miles driven annually

History shows that drivers with certain characteristics are more likely to be in an accident. So drivers with those characteristics are charged higher rates.

You can NOT control your age or gender, but you can certainly take responsibility for your driving record and for the type of vehicle you drive.

Thanks for stopping by our site. We encourage you to get all the iinformation you can about auto insurance, so you can make an informed decision. Use our resource provided here Enter your zip code in the box above to get the quotes you need, then purchase the policy that's right for you!
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Auto Insurance Agents In Durham NC:

AAI Acceptance Insurance
5410 Nc Highway 55 SUIte Ai
Durham, NC 27713

Joshua E Matthews Insurance Agency
2144 Page Rd SUIte 106
Durham, NC 27703

Michael E Okoli Agency Inc
6224 Fayetteville Rd SUIte 106A
Durham, NC 27713

Herring & Bickers Insurance
2344 Operations Dr #101
Durham, NC 27705

Andy Jones Insurance Agency
4519 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704

The Sorgi Insurance Agency
16 Consultant Pl SUIte 102
Durham, NC 27707

F B Ascott Agency
4003 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27713

Sherwood Smith
3405 Hillsborough Rd Suite C
Durham, NC 27705

Ricky McGhee
4810 Hope Valley Rd
Durham, NC 27707

Thomas P. Mitchell
1720 Guess Rd Northgate Mall
Durham, NC 27701

George Stevens Insurance Agency
1320 Hill St
Durham, NC 27707

Tonya A Marsh Agency
5410 Nc Highway 55 Suite AI
Durham, NC 27713

Ellis Insurance
1903 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27705

Jessup Ins Agency Inc
3113 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27705

Around The Corner Insurance Agency Inc
1431 Broad St
Durham, NC 27705

Michael D. Lawson Agency
3790-102 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27705

Mike Embree Insurane Agency
3401 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707

The Insurance Pros, Inc.
3200 Croasdaile Dr Suite 603
Durham, NC 27705

Thaggard Insurance Services
2014 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703

Knox Insurance Agency
200 Meredith Dr SUIte 104
Durham, NC 27713

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