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Getting the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Texas

Shopping around will lead to getting the cheapest auto insurance in Texas. Knowing what you want in auto insurance coverage, being willing to accept higher deductibles, and knowing which one of the eight different kinds of coverages are offered in Texas for auto insurance, will lead you to the goal of getting the cheapest auto insurance in Texas.

So, lets look at the choices you have when not only shopping for insurance, but also trying to carpenter together a policy you can live with. The first choice is the bare bones basic coverage known as liability coverage. This coverage meets the State of Texas basic minimum of 25/50/25. That means for each person who is injured in your at fault accident, the insurance company will pay $25,000 in medical bills for each person injured, but no more than $50,000 total. And no more than $25,000 in property damage per accident. This rate will increase in 2011 to 30/60/25.

Next is medical payments coverage. This coverage is an option. It will pay for medical and funeral bills resulting from an accident in which the victim was a bicyclist or a pedestrian. Related to medical payments coverage, is personal injury protection coverage. It will pay the same as medical payments coverage, but adds for up to 80% of lost wages while you are in the hospital and pays for hiring a caregiver for the injured party.

Uninsured insured motorist or under insured motorist, is the next kind of coverage. This is self explanatory. Collision Coverage is for your auto. It will pay for repairing the damage to your auto or replacing your auto, if the insurance company deems it is not worth repairing. The next level of coverage is known as Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is for physical damage caused by means other than a collision. You would purchase comprehensive coverage if you wanted to protect you auto from theft, fire damage, vandalism, hail damage, etc.

The last two policy options are truly optional extras, and only serve to provide convenience rather than a protection for your auto. Towing and Labor coverage is a form of insurance which will pay for having your auto towed to a mechanic or body shop. Labor coverage pays for the costs related to work on your auto if it became unable to drive due to a flat tire, dead battery, etc. Rental Reimbursement coverage will cover the cost of renting a replacement auto while yours is being repaired.

Now you are armed with the information you need for getting the cheapest auto insurance policy in Texas.

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