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Allstate survey says Chicago’s dangerous for drivers

Chicago is one of the least safe U.S. cities for drivers, according to a new annual survey by Allstate Insurance Co. Out of 200 U.S. cities, Chicago ranked #167, Allstate said .....   More >>

Study: State falls short on teen driving

A study that grades states on its highway improvements and vehicular safety gives Illinois the green light- except when it comes to teens. The report was put together by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a coalition of groups from the insurance industry, law enforcement and consumer organizations. It grades states on the passage of laws that address.....   More >>

Drunk drivers can face serious penalties

The holidays are a time of partying and celebration and perhaps, not surprisingly, a time when drunk driving dramatically increases. Motorists often fail to realize that just one drink can impair their driving ability and lead to a serious accident, resulting in hurting or even killing someone. In Illinois, those charged with a DUI offense, or "driving under the influence," face serious penalties if proven guilty.....   More >>

Maday Carjacking Victim Forced to Pay Damages

It’s been nearly two months since Robert Maday escaped from authorities and went on a two-day crime spree in the Chicagoland area. But Domenica Saverino, 32, the woman whose car he stole at gunpoint, is still feeling the effects of his crime-spree.....   More >>

Illinois Department of Insurance Disciplinary Report for October 2009

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Insurance announced today that Director of Insurance Michael T. McRaith issued the following disciplinary orders:....   More >>

Leading insurance grievance: delays in claims handling

What are the biggest beefs against insurance companies, and which types of coverage cause consumers the most grief? The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which collects data from state regulators, said the leading complaint as of Aug. 24 was delays in claims handling, accounting for 18.7 percent of grievances, followed by claims denials, which represented 18.2 percent of complaints....   More >>

Illinois Dept. of Insurance Fines Universal Casualty

Universal Casualty Co. (UCC) is in hot water with the Illinois Department of Insurance. Last week, the department issued an order against the Elk Grove Village-based auto insurer for failing to adopt and maintain procedures for the prompt investigation and settlement of consumers’ claims. As a result, UCC, which does business in Illinois, ...   More >>

Allstate settles suit after 10 years

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Allstate Corp. said Monday that it has settled a class-action lawsuit over the calculations of medical expenses, nearly 10 years after the suit was filed. Insurance giant Allstate did not acknowledge wrongdoing but settled the case, Strasen v. Allstate, in Madison County, Ill. Circuit Court...   More >>

Phony fall insurance scam in Illinois and Wisconsin under investigation

The scheme was simple and profitable, say investigators. One person put liquid or paper on the floor of a store, while another pretended to slip and fall.....   More >>

Fireman’s Fund to sell ‘hybrid upgrade’ insurance

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. will widen sales of hybrid upgrade auto insurance as part of its Prestige Auto Premier policy...   More >>

Progressive Starts Plan To Aid Insurance Agents' Online Sales

CHICAGO -(Dow Jones)- The long-running economic downturn has turned U.S. drivers into a nation of online auto-insurance comparison shoppers. One major insurer has come up with a plan to help its insurance agents get more Internet- savvy and win some of that business back...   More >>

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