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Looking for cheap car insurance in Mobile, AL? If you don't compare discount rate quotes from different companies, you may wind up paying too much.
You could easily be paying your monthly or annual automobile insurance premiums in Mobile, Alabama, without knowing if you're paying too much. Well, we've made it easy for you to find the best rates available in Mobile by simply entering your zip code in the box above and pressing "enter." You will receive instant quotes that will allow you to find cheap car insurance in Mobile.

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Some people make the mistake of only requesting a quote from the company where they also have other property insured, like a home, boat or RV. Those people may automatically assume they will get cheap car insurance with that company because of a "multiple line" discount. But that isn't necessarily true. They could actually end up paying more for their auto insurance, without knowing it. That's why it pays to get quotes from various insurance carriers for comparison.

Statistics show that there were 1,709 automobile thefts in Mobile, Alabama in 2010. This is one factor that goes into the mix when an insurance company is determining rates for auto insurance quotes. Where your car is regularly parked (your residence) is one factor they consider, as it helps determine the likelihood of your vehicle becoming a theft statistic. Additionally, your quote will most likely be lower if you have an anti-theft device installed on your auto.

Some automobile insurance companies specialize in insuring high risk drivers, such as older drivers or those who have had numerous tickets. Those companies do lots of business in the "non standard" field of car insurance, so they can offer more affordable rates to a higher-risk driver.

Industry experts are predicting that car insurance rates will rise nationwide in 2012. Protect youself by getting the very cheapest auto insurance available now. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars in the coming months.

Using the Internet is a quick and easy way to compare premium rates from multiple auto insurance companies in Mobile. While it works well for many people to use the handy zip code box above to get quotes for cheap car insurance in Mobile, others may prefer to deal one-on-one with a live agent by phone or in an insurance office. For this second category of consumer, we have provided the names, addresses, and phone numbers of various auto insurance agencies located in and around Mobile, Alabama.

Stanley D. Chavis - Agent
602 Bel Air Blvd Suite 21 br> Mobile, AL 36606
Office: (251) 473-7150
Fax: (251) 473-7157

State Farm Agency
6925 Cottage Hill Rd
Mobile, AL 36695
Office: (251) 635-1646

Ebert Agency Inc
222 W. Laurel Ave.
Mobile, AL 36535
Office: (251) 943-2281

Butler Insurance Agency
5441 Highway 90 W Suite 20
Mobile, AL 36619
Office: (251) 666-5343

Alabama Insurance Agency
709 Azalea Road
Mobile, AL 36609
Office: (251) 662-2220

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