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Report Changes to Your Insurance Company

It is important that your report certain changes to your auto insurance company. The changes should be reported as soon as possible.

Some of the changes you should report are:

Change of address - Moving can affect your premium

Adding a vehicle - To make sure the vehicle is covered

Adding a driver - Ensure that each driver is covered

Change in annual miles driven - Less miles driven can reduce premium

Sale of a vehicle - Should reduce premium

Possible Tax Deduction

A portion of the annual vehicle registration fee paid is allowed as a tax deduction on your yearly income tax return. The deductible portion is the "vehicle license fee" part.

The deductible amount may be found by looking on the vehicle registration renewal notice on the line that reads "License Fee."

You can also find the deductible amount on the validated registration card. Or you can calculate the fee yourself on the Department of Motor Vehicles web site by using the online fee calculator.

California Required Auto Insurance Coverage

The state of California requires that you carry a minimum of liability insurance in the following amounts:

$15,000 bodily injury liability coverage for injury/death to one person

$30,000 bodily injury liability coverage for injury/death to two or more persons in any one accident

$5,000 property liability coverage for damage to another person's property

Please note that you may be eligible for low cost insurance if you are unable to afford liability insurance. Further info about the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program may be obtained by calling 1-800-602-8861.

Extra Coverages Available

Coverages besides the required liability coverage are available for California drivers. Some of those additional coverages are:

Comprehensive Coverage - Will pay if your own vehicle is damaged by fire, wind, flood, vandalism, or theft. You will probably be required to pay a deductible when filing a claim.

Collision Coverage - Will pay for damage to your own vehicle which is caused by you hitting something like a tree, pole, or building. Usually has a deductible.

Medical Coverage - Will pay for medical expenses and specific other expenses that occur due to a vehicle accident.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage - Will pay you if an accident is caused by another driver who is not insured or who has insufficient insurance coverage to fully cover your damages.

Good Driver Benefit

In November of 1988, Proposition 103 became law in the state of California. The law gives protection to consumers in relation to automobile insurance. Within the provisions of Proposition 103 is a legal definition for the often-used term "Good Driver."

If a person has had a driver's license for a period of at least 3 consecutive years with no more than one point on his driving record, he is a "Good Driver."

Every automobile insurance company licensed in California must offer Good Driver coverage. The company must give a 20% lower rate to each Good Driver. It is illegal for an insurance company in California to refuse coverage to anyone qualifying as a Good Driver.

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