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Use the handy zip code form above to get started on cheap auto insurance quotes in Nebraska. Get NE car insurance quotes and even purchase your NE auto insurance online if you so choose. Whether you need cheap auto insurance in Omaha, NE or just Nebraska car insurance you can find what you are looking for here. The two sites below are provided for your convenience and are valid resources for drivers/residents seeking info on Nebraska car insurance. We provide more Nebraska insurance related info at bottom of page.

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Nebraska Auto Insurance

Getting the bare minimum insurance required in Nebraska is OK if your car is paid off and perhaps a little older and as low in value as it's going to get. Cheap liability auto insurance in Nebraska will meet your needs nicely. If on the other hand you have an outstanding loan on your car you're going to have to carry comprehensive and collision coverage as well. Not to worry. Cheap full coverage insurance in Nebraska can be yours as well. Just plug in your zipcode and get started. Be sure to get multiple quotes to compare for the lowest rates as that is the only certain way to get the cheapest auto insurance in Nebraska. Whether you need a cheap auto insurance quote in Lincoln NE, cheap liability auto insurance in Omaha or full coverage car insurance in Bellevue, you can save more today than ever.

Nebraska Department of Insurance
941 "O" Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508-3639
Phone:(402) 471-2201
TDD:(800) 833-7352

Interesting Facts: The Nebraska Department of Insurance website provides information targeting consumers and companies/agents. In the consumers part you'll find helpful information in the form of department newsletters which are archived on the site for reference. You'll find a record of press releases stretching back for some time along with notices of upcoming hearings as well. Consumer alerts provided include information on Credit Scoring and how it affects you, tips for saving money on auto insurance, how to protect yourself through insuring your teenage driver and consumer tips for weather related disasters. Online brochures for consumers include: Insurance Tips for the Consumer, How Well Do You Know Insurance Quiz, Privacy of Insurance Consumer Information Act and the Auto Rate Guide. A very handy site for insurance consumers in Nebraska.

Cheap Auto Insurance NE

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Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509-4789
Phone:(402) 471-3918

Interesting Facts:The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles' stated mission on their website is "to promote safety through education and regulation of drivers and motor vehicles and to collect revenues that provide resources for state and local government operations." The site unveils the new Nebraska Digital Drivers License and it's Implementation Schedule. Gov. Mike Johanns said. “With the introduction of the digital driver license system, Nebraska will have one of the most secure cards in the nation.” The website also offers everything from vehicle titling information to driver record requests. From message and Husker Spirit car tags to downloadable drivers manuals and motorcycle riders manual. Rules and regulations relating to license suspensions and revocations and reinstatement are covered in detail as is upcoming highway safety meetings. A very thorough and comprehensive site.

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