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State of New Hampshire Insurance Department
56 Old Suncook Road
Concord NH 03301
Toll Free:800-852-3416

Interesting Facts: The New Hampshire Insurance Department website provides information and help divided into three main categories: Consumers, Companies, Producers. In the Consumers section, they explain in detail what this agency does and can and cannot do for the consumer. They offer many helpful and informative brochures for download or online viewing under a variety of topics including: Fraud Against New Hampshire Seniors (NHID), Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs (III), Pleasure Boat Insurance Coverage and many more. They offer a downloadable Consumer Complaint Form for consumers as well as an online form that may be completed immediately. The Companies section offers information including: Official Lists of Companies, Certificate of Compliance Requests, a wide variety of application forms and Tax Instructions & Forms. They also provide Surplus Lines Agent Information, NH Guaranty Fund Contact Information and Examination Division contact names & e-mail addresses. The Producers section provides Licensing Information, online access to licensing records, a Workers Comp. FAQ and Bulletin/Memoranda/Informational Notices issued by this Department from 1994 to present. A very concise and handy site for the residents of New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
10 Hazen Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03305-0002
(603) 271-2251

Interesting Facts:The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles' website is a sparse three page site. They provide the address info given above, a page to download files about the New Hampshire Driver Privacy Act and a page devoted to the organ donor program in New Hampshire.

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