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Minimum Insurance Requirements

Virginia requires the following minimum auto insurance coverage:

- Bodily injury/death of one person $25,000
- Bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50,000
- Property damage $20,000

To purchase license plates or decals, you must certify that your vehicle is covered by the minimum insurance requirements or pay an "Uninsured Motor Vehicle" fee.

The $500 "Uninsured Motor Vehicle" (UMV) fee is paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It does not provide any insurance. It only allows you to drive an uninsured vehicle at your own risk, and it expires with your registration and must be paid at renewal.

Vehicle owners who are uninsured or have not paid the UMV fee will have their driving and vehicle registration privileges suspended.

Insurance Verification Program

Insurance carriers provide DMV with electronic updates of information on insureds and vehicle description when they cancel auto insurance, or add or write new coverage for motor vehicles registered in Virginia.

The Virginia DMV verifies that motor vehicles are properly insured by comparing vehicle registration information that they have on file at DMV with liability information on the owner and vehicle which is transmitted to DMV by the insurance carrier. If no insurance is found, DMV requires that the motor vehicle owner furnish the liability insurance information to DMV for verification.

What Determines Rates ?

(a) Where you live -
The condition of roads, the population, the number of vehicles, repair rates, and the number of accidents in your area are factors.

(b) Your driving record -
This has the biggest impact on your premium. At-fault accidents and moving-violation convictions within the last 3-year period greatly affect your cost.

(c) Vehicle use -
The more your vehicle is used, the higher your premium will be. For a vehicle that is only used occasionally, you'll pay much less than if you drive several miles to work each day.

(d) Your credit score -
Statistics have shown that a person with a low credit score is much more likely to file a claim.

(e) Type of vehicle -
The cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle of your type, its style, and the likelihood of theft, all affect your premium. Sports cars will raise your rates much more than a family car.

Tips To Save Money
On Car Insurance

(1) Pay annually or semi-annually,
NOT monthly.

(2) Increase the deductibles

(3) Accident free discount

(4) Multiple car discount

(5) Good student discount

(6) Nonsmokers discount

(7) Passive restraint discount


In 2010, there were 3,416 auto thefts in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News metropolitan area, according to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau.)

To help prevent your car from becoming a theft statistic, follow these steps ...

(a)  Always lock your vehicle
(b)  Take your keys
(c)  Close the windows and sunroof
(d)  Don't leave car running unattended

Q & A

Question - Why do young men pay more for auto insurance than young women?

Answer - Insurance companies use statistics from past history to determine the rates they charge. Male drivers under the age of 25 are much more likely to be involved in accidents. Young women under the age of 25 have less accidents than their male counterparts, so the females are charged less on their auto premiums.

Question - What happens if a person under age 18 gets a ticket?

Answer - If a person under age 18 is convicted of a demerit-point traffic violation, he/she must complete a driver improvement clinic. If not completed satisfactorily within 90 days, permit or license is suspended until clinic is completed.

Mature Drivers

Unfortunately, as drivers age, their skills tend to decline. Sometimes medications or diseases are the cause. Things such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, a stroke, or vision problems can seriously impact a person's ability to safely handle a motor vehicle.

Ways to recognize declining driving skills ...

* Running red lights/stop signs before realizing it
* Stopping for green lights
* Merging into another lane without first looking
* Going the wrong way against traffic
* Having near misses with autos, pedestrians, or objects
* Confusing the pedals (gas and brake)
* Getting lost in areas that should be familiar
* Stopping in the middle of an intersection

Precautions to take ...

- Always wear your seat belt
- Drive during low traffic times
- Avoid left turns as much as possible
- Take a driver improvement class

Distracted Drivers

An activity that takes your eyes off the road while you are driving is considered a distraction. If it takes your hands off the wheel or interrupts your concentration, the risk of a crash increases.

In 2008, more than half a million people were injured and about 6,000 died as the result of crashes that involved a distracted driver.

FYI - Using a cell phone while driving reduces the brain activity associated with driving by 37%.

FYI - It is 4 times more likely that a driver using a hand-held device while driving will be in a crash that injures them.

If you are involved in an accident...

(1)  Call police
(2)  Stay calm
(3)  Note the time, date, damage, location, injuries, road conditions
(4)  Exchange driver(s)' info...
name, address, insurance info, license number, tag number
(5)  Get witnesses' info
(6)  Take pictures
(7)  Draw a diagram
(8)  Call your insurance company

Become informed.

Learn about auto insurance.

Use our zip code box above to get the quotes you need, then choose a policy that's right for you!

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Auto Insurance Agents & Agencies In Norfolk VA:

Melissa L Harwood Ins Agency
733 Boush St Suite 103
Norfolk, VA 23510

Krystal Jones-Dent
14028 Bel Red Rd Ste 6
Norfolk, VA 23502

David Read
6586H Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, VA 23509

Frank & Manouchka Mercer
501 E Brambleton Ave
Norfolk, VA 23510

Gifford Insurance Assoc. Agency
1547-A E Little Cr #101
Norfolk, VA 23518

Kenneth L Pohl
1216 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23518

Salzberg Insurance Agency
249 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23505

Affordable Insurance
5731A Poplar Hall Dr
Norfolk, VA 23502

Harry Patterson
708 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23518

Jim Clark
1507 E Bayview Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23503

7453 Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, VA 23505

Mike Sanoba
1904 Colley Ave
Norfolk, VA 23517

Care Willis-Perry
7607 Sewells Point Rd #C
Norfolk, VA 23513

Katz Insurance
861 Glenrock Rd #101
Norfolk, VA 23502

Auto Insurance of Norfolk
1 Waterside Dr Suite 102
Norfolk, VA 23510

Logan Insurance Inc
5950 Poplar Hall Dr
Norfolk, VA 23502

Barton Insurance Agency Inc
700 Newtown Rd Suite 111
Norfolk, VA 23502

Ben Willis
7453 Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, VA 23505

Garry W Price Ins Agency
1515 N Military Hwy Suite 103
Norfolk, VA 23502

Local Cheap Auto Insurance of Norfolk
7905 Azalea Garden Rd
Norfolk, VA 23518

Colonial Insurance Agency
222 W 21st St Suite G
Norfolk, VA 23517

Janet McCaskey
900 Granby St # 201
Norfolk, VA 23510

Direct General Insurance Agency
875 E Little Creek Rd Suite 102
Norfolk, VA 23518

Servicios Latinos
1301 E Little Creek Rd #8
Norfolk, VA 23518

John Holdren Agency
9635 Granby St
Norfolk, VA 23503

Al Vincents Insurance
880 Widgeon Rd #B
Norfolk, VA 23513

Farmers Insurance
1500 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23518

Direct Auto Insurance
700 N Military Hwy #2004
Norfolk, VA 23502

Nationwide Insurance
1011 W Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23505

Manuel G Nofplot Jr
7925 Halprin Dr
Norfolk, VA 23518

Norfolk Car Insurance
440 Monticello Ave #733
Norfolk, VA 23510

State Farm Insurance
700 Newtown Rd
Norfolk, VA 23502

Ashley & Assoc. Insurance Agency
834 Widgeon Rd
Norfolk, VA 23510

501 E Brambleton Ave
Norfolk, VA 23510

123 ABC Insurance
1032 W 24th St #A
Norfolk, VA 23517

State Farm Insurance
700 Newtown Rd
Norfolk, VA 23502

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