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California Car Insurance Requirements

Before you purchase automobile insurance in California, you should be aware that there are minimum amounts of coverage allowed to drive legally in the state. Those minimums are as follows:

$15,000 bodily liability for injury/death to 1 person

$30,000 bodily liability for injury/death to more than 1 person in a single accident

$5,000 property liability for damage to someone's property

If you drive without insurance in California, it can result in a suspended license or heavy fines. You must always carry proof of coverage when driving, and you must present that proof if a police officer asks for it.

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Other Coverages

In addition to the liability insurance coverages mentioned above, there are other coverages available.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage - This coverage will pay if another driver is "at fault" in your accident, but does not have sufficient coverage (or has NO coverage) to cover your damages. Your insurance company is required to offer this coverage, but you may decline it if you wish.

Collision Coverage - Covers your vehicle damage if you hit something, such as another automobile or a pole. There is usually a deductible for you to pay when that occurs.

Comprehensive Coverage - This coverage pays if your vehicle is damaged by things such as wind, fire, or theft. Usually a deductible also.

Medical Coverage - Covers medical expenses and certain other related expenses incurred as the result of an auto accident.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Ask about any discounts for which you might be eligible. Discounts may be available for the following:

(1) Multi-car Discount

(2) Good Student Discount

(3) Safe Driver Discount

(4) Anti-theft Devices

(5) Safety Devices (i.e. airbags)

Car Insurance Payment Plans

Most insurance companies offer a variety of payment plans to fit your budget.

Usually the most cost effective methods are to pay your premium on an annual or semi-annual basis.

There are usually additional fees for choosing to pay quarterly or monthly.

However, some companies will allow a monthly automatic draft method without charging any additional fee.

Who Is Covered?:

Make sure that you know exactly who is covered to drive your vehicle before you allow someone to drive. There can be excluded drivers, so contact your company to verify before letting someone drive.

Getting A New Vehicle?

Be sure to notify your insurance company if you are getting another vehicle or are replacing one. If you are getting a loan on the new /replacement vehicle, you will need to find out from the lender exactly what coverages the lending institution requires.

Do not take possession of the vehicle until you are certain that your insurance coverage is in place first.

Renting A Car?

When renting an automobile, you are agreeing to be responsible for any damages to the rented vehicle. Before renting the automobile, it is a good idea to check with your own insurance company to find out if you have coverage that will extend to a rented vehicle.

Do not automatically assume that your automobile insurance will cover a rented car.

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