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You have probably come to this site hoping to save some money on your automobile insurance in the Riverside CA area.

Like many people, paying your hard-earned money to an insurance company makes you wonder if you could be saving some of that money. That's where we come in. Helping you save money on auto insurance in Riverside is why we're here.

To find the best option for your auto insurance needs in Riverside, enter your zip code in the box above, and start getting the free instant online quotes that could help you save money.

We provide the quotes from various companies, then you can make a quality decision.

Different Rates

There is a law in California called a premium rating law. It specifies that each insurance company doing business in the state may calculate the rates that it charges consumers based on past experience the company has had with losses and expenses in providing insurance coverage.

That means the premiums that each company charges consumers can widely vary from company to company, even if the companies are located in the same geographical area. Because of the disparity that is possible in premiums, it is highly recommended that each consumer shop around before purchasing auto insurance coverage.

Evaluate an Insurance Company

When choosing a company for vehicle insurance coverage, be sure to verify that the company is licensed to sell auto insurance in the state of California. You can do that by checking the company's license status on the California Department of Insurance website.

You should also verify that the company has a good track record of dealing with claims. That can be done by checking reviews of the company online. Do not wait until you purchase a policy to find out whether the company deals with claims in a timely manner.

Many people ask friends, relatives, and co-workers about their insurance companies to determine which companies to steer clear of.

MVR - Motor Vehicle Report

When you apply for auto insurance with a company, that company will request a copy of your Motor Vehicle Report from the Department of Motor Vehicles. That report contains a record of your driving information.

Your MVR contains information about any traffic tickets, accidents, or license suspensions you have had. So, it is very important that you disclose up-front on your insurance application any of those instances.

The insurance company will be reviewing the MVR of every driver who will be insured on your policy.

California Minimum Car Insurance Coverages

* $15,000 for injury/death to any 1 person

* $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person in any one accident

* $5,000 for damage to someone's property

People who are unable to afford liability coverage may be eligible for the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program.

Information on that program can be found on the Department of Insurance website or by calling 1-800-602-8861.

Mature Drivers:

As a person ages, that person should be aware of certain characteristics that may indicate a need to evaluate whether it is safe to continue driving. Some of the factors to watch for are:

(1) Problems backing and parking

(2) Being confused in heavy traffic

(3) Failure to keep a proper speed

(4) Failing to yield the right-of-way

If any of the above situations are happening to you, please ask a trusted family member or friend to honestly evaluate your driving. Your life or someone else's could be at risk.

We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. It is important that you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make a good decision concerning your automobile insurance.
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