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Is it time to shop for cheap auto insurance in Salem OR? Whether it's renewal time or not on your current policy, the answer is definitely YES! Chances are good that you are paying too much for your auto insurance in Salem.

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Coverages Available in Salem OR

Bodily injury liability coverage will pay for bodily injuries that other people suffer in an auto accident that is caused by you or someone you allow to drive your car. Those damages would include charges for medical expenses, funeral costs, rehab, lawsuits, and legal expenses.

Property damage liability coverage will pay for damages caused to other people's property by you or someone you allow to drive your car. It will typically pay for repair of the property or the actual cash value of the property, as well as legal expenses you might incur.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage will pay for your medical, funeral, and rehab expenses, as well as loss of earnings, if you and/or your family are injured in an auto accident or a pedestrian/bicycle accident caused by an uninsured/underinsured motorist or hit and-run driver.

Uninsured motorist property damage coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle which is caused by an uninsured driver. Many people don't carry this coverage, since it generally duplicates their collision coverage. However, if you have a large deductible on the collision portion of your policy, you may want to add this additional coverage.

PIP - Personal injury protection coverage will pay for your (and your passengers') medical, funeral, and rehab expenses, as well as loss of earnings, childcare expenses, and in-home assistance no matter who is at fault in the accident.

Collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your vehicle from a collision/rollover.

Comprehensive coverage will pay for the damages to your automobile which result from fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and windstorms, etc.

Save Money With Discounts

* Take a defensive driving course

* Maintain low annual mileage

* Keep a favorable credit history

* As a student, keep a B average or above

* Be a non-smoker

* Carry homeowners insurance with same company

* Add safety equipment and anti-theft devices

Rating Categories

There are 3 basic categories of drivers where insurance policies are concerned.

The safest drivers are placed into the PREFERRED category. These drivers will pay the lowest rates. Their driving record for the last 3 years is clean.

Drivers who fit into the STANDARD category will pay slightly higher rates than Preferred, because they are a moderate risk. Generally these drivers have reasonably clean driving records.

The highest insurance rates are paid by drivers who fit into the NONSTANDARD category, because they pose the highest risk for the insurance company. The drivers may be under 25, have a DUI conviction, have a history of accidents or tickets, or have a poor record of paying their insurance premiums.

Your Credit Score

While it is common practice for insurance companies to use a person's credit score to determine that person's insurance premium, in Oregon there are limits for its use. For example, insurance companies cannot use a person's credit information to raise the premium on that person's existing auto policy.

Additionally, insurers cannot refuse to reissue or renew a policy because of a person's credit history. And thirdly, a person's credit history cannot be used as the only consideration in deciding whether an insurance company will issue a policy.

If your credit history is used, the insurance company must:
(1) Notify you that they will be running a credit check
(2) Explain (before running the check) how their company will be using your credit information, and
(3) Explain any negative decision reached based on your credit score.

Required Oregon Coverage:

The law in Oregon requires the following coverages:

PIP - $15,000

Bodily Injury Liability - $25,000 per person per accident / $50,000 total per accident

Property Damage Liability - $20,000 for damage to others' property

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury & Underinsured Motorist - $25,000 per person per accident / $50,000 total per accident

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