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Over 90% of automobile accidents can be avoided.
Here are common causes...
avoid them and you may avoid an accident!
And that helps keep your insurance rates low!

Intersection Errors..........Over 65% of urban accidents occur at intersections. Look around very carefully. Proceed with caution and donít assume anything.

Inattention...............Not maintaining close concentration on your own driving, other drivers, pedestrians, and driving conditions.

Following too close...... A generally safe and easy rule is to look at your speed in mph and stay at least that many feet behind the vehicle in front. Another great technique for not following too closely is the 3 Second Method. As the vehicle in front passes a stationary object, if you can count to three seconds before you pass the same stationary object, you're a safe distance behind.

Vehicle Malfunction..... Have regular checkups, particularly of wiper fluid, brakes , and tires, and replace wiper blades whenever they are worn.

Dangerous Roads...Ice, snow, fog, and rain conditions require slower speeds and much greater caution.

Unsafe Speeds... Exceeding speed limits, or driving too fast for traffic conditions.Excessive speed reduces reaction time and greatly increases impact and injuries.

Improper Lane Changes... Before you change, check all mirrors, and signal long before you change. Also, watch for the other vehicles.

These items may seem so simple and standard to drivers, but, in today's hectic driving world they are often overlooked, forgotten or simply ignored.

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