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MI Auto Insurance Resources

Here are some additional Michigan auto insurance resources. These sites are offered only as a service to our visitors and we offer no warranty or guarantee of the content of any sites linked to from our site. We are however, assured that you will find these resources informative and helpful. Some are more useful to insurance professionals and most are interesting to those wanting to learn more about Cheap Michigan Auto Insurance.

Must Read Information Regarding Auto Insurance in Michigan

Insurance Institute of Michigan (IIM)

Michigan Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA)  

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)  

Michigan Department of State (DMV)  

Michigan Department of Transportation - (MDOT)  

Michigan Professional Insurance Agents Association (MIPIA)  

Michigan Mandatory Vehicle Insurance FAQ  

Michigan Trial Courts

Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association  

Michigan Insurance Licensee Continuing Education FAQs  

We appreciate your interest and recommend that you compare rates and get the lowest price on Michigan auto insurance possible. Getting quotes for various levels of coverage may be very helpful in getting the best value for your money. The number of tickets you've received and the area you live in both affect the rates offered you when getting free quotes. The total mileage you drive annually and the type and model of car you wish to insure are also factors affecting the cost of your coverage. Since this is a no fault state these are just a few of the factors you'll want to address when getting your policy. Seeing is believing, so see for yourself exactly how much you can save.

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Cheap Auto Insurance in MI

State by State Auto Insurance Resources

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