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Featuring the best in Texas auto insurance, we provide you the opportunity to compare rates from the best insurance companies in Texas. Use the handy zipcode form above and get instant quotes and compare rates for cheap auto insurance in Texas, just for you. If unsure of zip code, use form below While the major emphasis is on Texas car insurance, we're certain that many will benefit from the information we present here. So if you were also looking for information on Texas auto insurance, you will hopefully benefit from these resources. From car insurance in Dallas to insurance quotes for Houston Texas, we also feature quotes for Amarillo, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso and all cities and towns across the state. Links to individual cities' and towns' web pages are found at the bottom of this page. Here you can find the best deals on auto insurance in Texas, purchase your policy if you like and be glad you stopped by to find the lowest car insurance rates available today. And while you're here, be sure to check out "Automobile Insurance Made Easy" by the Texas Department of Insurance. A comprehensive overview of all aspects of auto insurance in Texas.

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The great state of Texas has minimum requirements for car insurance coverage to legally operate a motor vehicle on the state's roadways. These minimums are stated as 30/60/25. This translates to required coverage of at least $30,000USD for bodily injury liability per person, $60,000USD for bodily injury liability total per accident and $25,000USD for property damage liability per accident. This seems like sufficient protection at first glance, but with today's skyrocketing healthcare costs and the high cost of vehicles and auto repair, these amounts may leave you in severe financial trouble should you be involved in an injury accident where you're at fault. We highly recommend that you get quotes for TX auto insurance in higher amounts and see for yourself how inexpensive more protection can be. Remember, the cheapest Texas car insurance can only protect you if you have it. Cheap liability auto insurance in Texas may be just what you're looking for and if so, we can help you get cheap liability insurance in Texas. You can also save on cheap full coverage auto insurance in Texas. All providers offer same day auto insurance coverage in Texas.

2011 has industry experts predicting rising rates on auto insurance across the country. Texas drivers can hedge against rate increases and possibly save hundreds of dollars in the coming year by comparing instant online quotes from major providers. See for yourself if you can get a lower rate than you currently have.

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