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In Virginia Beach, VA, shopping around for your auto insurance is not merely an option anymore. It's a mandate! With today's economy like it is, you don't need to throw your money away. If you're in or around the Virginia Beach area, make sure you're not wasting precious dollars.

Discover whether you're paying too much for automobile insurance in Virginia Beach. Enter your zip code in the box above, and you will receive auto insurance quotes from multiple companies. Use those quotes to compare value-for-value, and walk away with the very best deal possible.

Minimum Required Car Insurance

The minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage required by law in Virginia are:

$25,000 for bodily injury or death to one person

$50,000 for bodily injury or death to 2 people or more

$20,000 for damage to someone's property

Moving? Unsure of a Zip Code?


When considering a company for your auto insurance coverage, remember that price is not the only factor to consider. You need to know how they handle customers' claims, and whether they have a good track record in the field of customer service.

If you have an accident in the future, will they be hard to deal with? You don't need a Claims Adjuster with a large ego and a "red pencil" to mark down your repair allowance. Do yourself a favor, and check online for customers' reviews to help eliminate any future surprises.

In 2010 there were 3,416 auto thefts in the Virginia Beach metropolitan area. That is a statistic that figures into any quote that an insurance company would give for the Virginia Beach area.

The following factors are figured in, as well:

* * driving history of applicant
* * type of automobile
* * where car is parked (residence)
* * high-risk drivers in household
* * costs of liability legal suits
* * incidence of fraud

Helpful Tip ...

If you install an anti-theft device on your vehicle, you can help reduce the liklihood of theft and reduce your auto insurance premium.

Save Money
On Car Insurance

(1) Get quotes from various companies

(2) Pay annually or semi-annually
instead of monthly

(3) Eliminate coverages you don't need

(4) Consider increasing deductibles to reduce your premium

If you live in an urban area with higher traffic congestion, there is a much greater likelihood that you could experience a vehicle insurance loss. For that reason, you can expect a higher quote in urban areas than in rural, suburban areas.

Avoid these mistakes when applying for auto insurance . . .

* * Some people try to qualify for a discount by giving false/misleading information. This can end up costing you dearly. Do NOT give incorrect information for the quote.

* * When comparing quotes from various companies, make sure you compare apples-to-apples. Don't mistake one type of coverage for another.

* * Never assume that the company with whom you have your home insurance will be the company that gives you the best quote on your auto insurance.


Insurance rates are affected by a factor known as Life Stages.

For example, your teenager's automobile insurance premium will definitely be higher at this life stage because of his/her inexperience at driving, as well as the fact that historical data shows there are more claims at that age.

Likewise, an older driver will also experience some rate changes that increase his/her premium after the age of 55, because data shows that eyesight becomes less accurate and reflexes tend to slow down as people age.

Arm yourself with proper information, and become a wise consumer where auto insurance is concerned. Make informed choices about your insurance. Get multiple quotes, then purchase a policy that works for you!

cheap auto insurance in virginia beach

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Auto Insurance Agents & Agencies In Virginia Beach VA:

C H Stokes & Assoc Insurance
2832 S Lynnhaven Rd #101
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Keeling-Jefferson Insurance Agency
6052 Providence Rd Suite 104
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Al Vincent's Insurance
154 Newtown Rd Suite B-7
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Insurance Doctor
4507 Haygood Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23455

Nicki Kopassis Insurance Inc
4525 South Blvd Suite 209
Virginia Beach VA 23452

American Independent Insurance
3707 Virginia Beach Blvd # 204
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Sanibel & Lancaster Insurance
441 S Independence Blvd Suite 4
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Lovas Insurance Agency
244 Mustang Trl
Virginia Beach VA 23452

The Braun Agency
5660 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Steve Love Insurance Agency
4176 S Plaza Trl
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Toby Leffel Insurance Agency
968 First Colonial Rd Suite 104
Virginia Beach VA 23454

Auto Insurance Virginia Beach
414 25th St Suite 127
Virginia Beach VA 23451

Bunn Insurance Agency
1248 Culver Ln
Virginia Beach VA 23454

Mayo Insurance Agency
1917 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23454

Savage & McPherson Ins Agency
1049 Providence Sq Shopping Ctr
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Farmers Insurance
818 Gammon Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23464

State Farm Insurance
700 Baker Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Nationwide Insurance
5339 Virginia Beach Blvd #101
Virginia Beach VA 23462

4870 Haygood Rd #106
Virginia Beach VA 23455

Century Insurance
4445 Corporation Lane Suite 200
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Dominion Insurance
2180 McComas Way Suite 111
Virginia Beach VA 23456

Direct General Ins Agency
4801 Shore Dr #A6
Virginia Beach VA 23455

Met Life
4169 Virginia Beach Blvd #100
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Christian Slayton Ins Agency
5520 Greenwich Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Michael Weeks Ins Agency Inc
Holland Road At Rosemont Road
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Affordable Insurance
918 S Lynnhaven Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Clase Agencies Inc
5441 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 108
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Luisa A Guzman Agency
1920 Centerville Tpke
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Al Taxter Agency
6070 Indian River Rd Suite 104
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Addison York Insurance
154 S Newtown Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Cardinal Associates Insurance
1300 Diamond Springs Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23455

Mcbride Group Insurance
464 Investors Pl #204A
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Towne Insurance Agency Inc
301 Bendix Rd #300
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Lynch Insurance Agcy Inc
3617 Dam Neck Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23453

Michael N Chesson Insurance
307 Lynnhaven Pkwy #201
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Jones Insurance Group
1065 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23451

Hampton Roads Insurance Services
633 Independence
Virginia Beach VA 23462

Coelho Insurance Agency
800 Seahawk Cir Suite 142
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Avery Insurance Agency
5268 Fairfield Shopping Ctr
Virginia Beach VA 23464

Dawn Smith Insurance
178A S Boggs Ave
Virginia Beach VA 23452

Auto Insurance Experts
2052-3 Independence Blvd
Virginia Beach VA 23452

CB Insurance Agency
3136 Quimby Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23452

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